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Sprint finish from Red Kite last Sunday. Need to learn how to sprint better. #iminusd #wttvc #sjfixed #nightthoughts

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|| From where I relax || 🌲🌲🌳 #latergram (at seminary oaks park)

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☕️🍕 (at Starbucks)

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woke up at 530am post time change ugh… drove out to livermore for the red kite criterium. thank goodness it was only 40 minutes away. the course was flat, wide, and fast. lined up and i didn’t recognize a lot of people, uh oh where were y’all during the early bird series. i stayed on the outside of the mid pack for most of the race and tried to avoid the sketch stuff that was happening inside the pack. there was a lot of moving and not looking going on. an instructor pulled people to the back of the pack because they were being unsafe. there was a crash on lap 2 on the damn sweeper. all i heard was “oh shit no!” *bike scraping on the floor* so scary. on the last lap on turn 3 people realized they were going too fast for the 90 degree turn. everyone grabbed a fist full of brake and the pack mushroomed. i was knocked by a fremont rider towards the dead end  but i managed to stay upright #thankyoutrackriding. as i rolled through the sweeper there were a couple guys on the floor. i crossed the finish line in 41st. hell yeah but guess what we all got one point. people get really reckless when that competitive drive kicks in. i understand but it’s the 5s and we all have a day job. use this to learn how to ride safely while racing. unfortunately i can’t post up the race data because my garmin was acting a fool when i got home. it would of showed all the yo-yoing going on throughout the race.

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My bb17 2014 Matte Blue (by Father_TU)

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Ore’s ARGON 18 Electron / Spain (by Father_TU)

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Everything you love is here

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Not bad for my first crit #redkitecrit

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"Third" on my first criterium #RedKiteCrit

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Never forget the guac

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Only one that makes my bad days into good days (at New York Pizza San Jose)

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